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About The Herb Garden

The Herb Garden is a free online community space created by Wild Earth Herbals for folks to gather and learn all about herbalism, nutrition, and living in rhythm with the seasons.
There are currently two membership tiers:
The *free* tier is where the bulk of the goodness resides.
We will have monthly tea parties where we will sip tea as if we are sitting around a kitchen table and discuss various topics such as herbal infusions, cosy living, gardening, seasoning eating, etc.
We will also have occasional free workshops to dive deeper.
You will also gain access to products and sales in the herb shop before they become available to the general public, and have the opportunity to have direct access to ask questions and share your personal journeys.
The paid tier (only $4.99/month!) will have more in depth courses and discussions surrounding herbalism and living in alignment. You will have access to my personal journalling, seasonal playlists, articles, and monthly events.
I am also planning a yearly (online for now) retreat for members!

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